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How to Imprint Your Soul Onto Your Lovers

How to Imprint Your Soul Onto Your Lovers

The Girl Is Yours, But The PUSSY is Mine

Show Notes:

Here is a little secret I have been hiding: everyone falls in love with a hustler. There, I said it, now go and be great. In all seriousness, though, we tend to gravitate toward someone who is preoccupied chasing something else. It is our human nature; once you unlock this truth and apply it in your life, by every stretch of the imagination —love transcends all understanding. It shall be readily available.

Even if you are a little masochist, which most of us are when we’re bloody love drunk. When you actually have control of someone versus most of the time when you do not control, things are so much easier. However, you have to be heartless when it comes to imprinting.

Imprinting your soul onto someone is the process of becoming one of the worse (if not the) individuals they will ever meet. They will dream of you with their new partner and the next one. The goal is to leave them so damaged that they unknowingly bring you into all their new relationships. As messed up as that sounds.

This process of imprinting your soul comes at a cost. But, much like an investment you make, there is always a risk of losing yours. To begin imprinting onto someone, you must master intimacy. Moreover, you need to know them more than they know themselves.

It does not mean you have to be with a person for a certain timespan because that is not how relationships work. You can be with someone for years and leave them for someone you just met. We value individuals by the quality of their impact, not the quantity.

Good sex plays a huge factor. But do not worry, I got you.

It plays a huge factor because when was the last time you were so obsessed with someone you did not smash? We already have a hard time remembering the ones we actually add to our body count.

Imprinting is prime when the emotions are high. Being intentional is how you purify this crystal. We are awfully forgetful, but we also remember the dumbest things. You always hear about dopamine when it comes to pleasure. However, when imprinting, you want to tap more into the serotonin.

Dopamine distributes pleasure. Real love derives from serotonin. That love was already there, way before you met. It is a much more pure form of love. It is unconditional love--you have never had to fight for it. Serotonin is released when someone uses M.D.M.A or Ecstasy. There is a natural way of releasing serotonin, however.

When we are newborns, serotonin keeps us calm. It allows us to bond with our mother. It is what makes us familiar with each other. It’s how a baby knows when someone else is holding them. There is a genuine connection we have to our mother.

In one way, imprinting has that brand of love associated with our guardians and caretakers. So before you imprint on someone, remember the responsibility you are taking up.

While making love, you must free yourself from the pleasure and allow your soul to escape. You experience a short out-of-body high, similar to when you reach climax. In this state, you’re not feeling any pleasure because you’re out of your own mind, literally.

There is a connection that happens when we have sex. Though it may be obvious, this truth should still be written off, like taxes. There is no other way to say this without sounding weird. While imprinting, you have to bring that person to a new climax.

Take them to ecstasy, without taking ecstasy. After those first few rounds, they fall asleep. Whisper into their ears everything you desire. For imprinting, you want to use keywords such as: forever, mine, marry, see you, desire, temptations, do not leave my side, I want this, I need this, and such.

They must be in between awake and asleep, so if they are snoring, try again next time. In this realm, the Art of Suggestion is the method you use. It works more than you think it does. Much like any other brainwashing tactic, repeat this over and over. Follow it up with brief periods of you disappearing.

Allow them to feel as if they lost you. It is straight--up manipulative. You have to be heartless to do such a thing. Such things have different meanings for each of us. I have had four long-term relationships, and every one of them came back at least once because even though they moved on, they knew our love was different.

What benefits do you get when imprinting your soul onto someone? Here are a few I can think of: if you guys break up, despite who they date next, people will always think of you when they see them. Do you not have that friend? Another benefit is the guaranteed return. They will always come back. I do not care if it takes a few years.

You must remember not to give up the power by falling back in love with them. One reason is they unknowingly feel that there is something holding them back from truly experiencing the gift of life.

The fact is that this is very true. It is you! You will be holding them back for the rest of their life. Severe for some, and to some, no evidence of an effect. Personally, no woman left my life with the same amount of sanity they had before they met me.

I am precise about the way I rollercoaster their emotions. I do not enjoy this, not pleasurably in the very least. It is really a survival instinct. More psychological than physical, but any gain is a gain. Those are the initial steps that will work eventually. There are countless ways a person can imprint their soul onto someone else.

This strategy is only the way I learned and became accustomed too. Do not get twisted; it is not like I do not get hurt. It is painful to think that bits and pieces of your soul are in other people. Not only has your soul scathed, but the facts also do not change. No matter how good you are with them, you will never be more to them. You are loved, but you are not new.

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