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I Got An Angel On My Shoulder

I Got An Angel On My Shoulder

But The Devil is In My Head

Session: DZJAW

Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at 2:08 PM

00:00 Session started: DZJAW

00:00 El Temperature joined the session

00:05 El Temperature: We are now transcribing.

00:12 El Temperature: Well.

00:21 El Temperature: 2008 got 3000 and is each.

00:26 El Temperature: This filled the house with this for the House.

00:38 El Temperature: We don't do this for the hose. Why is that? Why do we only? Why would why do we say that we do it for the holes?

00:40 El Temperature: I don't remember.

01:02 El Temperature: Us agreeing to like only be good to the host, so they shouldn't you be good at good with the shorties you know like them the regular girl’s way homes it just sounds better like what you going to do they like.

01:03 El Temperature: I like bad *******.

01:17 El Temperature: And good women. I like to love myself. Bad ***** but I like a lady better. She's very clever.

01:24 El Temperature: This is all for fighting the world.

01:37 El Temperature: All right, let me just say OK I just had my coffee and now I'm awake. I'm awake *************. What up though where are the hoes at *****?

01:41 El Temperature: We are also nouns, any holes?

01:53 El Temperature: Those can be men. They could be women. They could be nonbinary and go, but XYZ *************, I don't give a **** bro, I mean.

02:00 El Temperature: I mean with that, but as you know, you can just be happy with your bro ‘cause you know.

02:21 El Temperature: And I know how it feels, man, she's hard, she's hard to be ******* happy in this life. Like Holy, you gotta be ******* insane to be happy like today. But you have to like book in light of your so like do you are not ******* happy.

02:41 El Temperature: They give you freaking think about it like are you ******* happy with your situation right now? Like just tell me are you ******* content with the **** that you have right now? Hell no, even though it might not be bad. Look at me wrong. I'm not saying you know.

02:53 El Temperature: Do you live in the poor badly but you know, deep down inside, you want something better? You know you want something that you can call it like.

02:55 El Temperature: I don't know like.

03:02 El Temperature: Then you can say like damn, I feel so good just to be here. Do you know what I mean?

03:07 El Temperature: I don't know. I don't like coming home.

03:08 El Temperature: To feel like.

03:13 El Temperature: Like it's a bad thing, you know.

03:19 El Temperature: I think like personally when I go out.

03:41 El Temperature: I mean, I like I don't know. I changed a lot. I used to want to always be outside, you know. But now the ship is cold as **** bro. Like bro, if you forget to bring a sweater that's on your *** bro, you don't freeze the dead and get hypothermia.

03:48 El Temperature: This beach around and catch with the shipper whole pneumonia.

03:52 El Temperature: I usually do all that and I'm trying to live.

03:54 El Temperature: Trying to live long.

04:11 El Temperature: Not like Long Beach, but I mean like long-Long live long life long like a Vietnamese person's last name. Long trying to live.

04:17 El Temperature: Sorry, and that wasn't necessary. I apologize for that.

04:18 El Temperature: But

04:22 El Temperature: Do you get serious right and get serious?

04:24 El Temperature: So.

04:27 El Temperature: Let's talk about it.

04:35 El Temperature: Do you feel lonely at least once or twice a day?

04:43 El Temperature: Do you ever feel like you're alone even when you're physically not alone?

05:07 El Temperature: Do you ever feel like you have no control and drive you ******* insane and you try your best to just cause a mile in your face and not react to the *******?

05:10 El Temperature: ******* tragedy of life and ****.

05:25 El Temperature: Now you just sit there and you gotta ******* listen to your boss tell you that you didn't do a good ******* job. You ****** **. You had one job and you ****** it all up. How does it feel? And then like you're standing there like?

05:46 El Temperature: This speech does not. I've just been. I've bet this ***** does never gotten slapped in the ******* jaw like this ***** like like you don't even know they fool you. Don't even know food as I **** you up fool like like **** who if you were in the head?

06:05 El Temperature: Only when it came out, so you would have got packed out of food like for the food like I know I just said what the job, but sometimes food like I just don't want to do my ******* job food like like why don't you chill the **** out? I'm just here for a ******* check fool.

06:15 El Temperature: It's like bro. What the **** bro Sir?

06:19 El Temperature: Did you? What were you saying? I didn't understand you.

06:40 El Temperature: I never heard you speak like that. Was that like multiple split personality disorder or like you got? Like *************, you got like this ************ has more than one person in them. I swear I did not hire this ************. I did not hire him. I hired to do his *******.

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